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Finished projects

Celebrating 14 years in business, still rolling out great projects, here are the latest:


A selection of motion works, dating back a couple of years.


This sequence was produced for an opening event of a sports & running shoes store. The theme was active lifestyle and running, so we produced the audio track as well – atmosphere sounds, heartbeats and footsteps join the tribal drums, rising the suspense and leading us into climax.


  • buzz-motion-2015
  • A day in life
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    Corporate Journey
    Choose Your Color
    Beauty Business
    Diners Mixx
    Parental Control
    Fiscalized transactions
    Satellite TV
    Gavella Card
    Online Market
    Zero Takeover
    Portal Escape
    French Kiss
    Media Cockpit
    Civilisation of Love
    Corporate Showcase
    Piggy Savings
    Addi Moves
    Surf’s Up